Douglas Riches. Paint & Pastel.

I have two jobs; one as a mobile app programmer, and one as an artist.


I escape the “always on” digital world by painting the everyday beauty all around us. In one job I provide data instantaniously to people’s fingertips, in the other it try to remind them that there is more to the world than a glowing screen.


Every day, everywhere, even the cloudiest sunrise has incredible beauty. We sometimes miss the colour all around us, or forget to stop and look. Our fast paced digital world has stripped away our ability to see what is right before our eyes. 


My art explores glimpes of the things we miss rushing around, our noses stuck in phones. My hope is that after seeing my art someone else will stop to see all the coulor and drama in a grey November sky, or stop thier car and look out over a sunset by the lake.